Lisbon’s most popular: Beira Gare

This first review just has to be about the place where it all started. Located in the heart of Lisbon in front of Rossio railway station you’ll find Beira Gare. I have been to the place numerous times and it is quite frankly my oldest memory of eating a bifana in Lisbon. From the outside the place looks very busy and waiters are constantly trying to convince tourists to have their lunch or dinner over there. However, instead of listening to them and taking a table the best you can do is go to the counter and ask for a bifana and a beer –uma imperial-. I can assure you, you won’t be the only one.DSC_0518

This is not the place for a romantic dinner with deep conversations about life, rather it is a quick-service place perfect for people in a hurry and with big appetite. Within a minute your precious pork sandwich will be ready, the only thing missing some delicious mustard which you can add at will.DSC_0522

Despite this being the first review I am convinced that Beira Gare is one of the best –and most popular– bifana places in Lisbon. The papo seco is well stuffed with tasty tender meat and the flavour… well what can I say…Who would ever have thought pork can be that good! The mustard is great as well although the topping is not even necessary as the meat tastes so delicious. The central location of Beira Gare just comes with one big disadvantage, you’ll pass by the restaurant way too often and every time you will be drooling over the idea of having your tasty pork sandwich. Luckily, Lisbon’s 7 hills give you enough exercise not to end up with guilty feelings over your bifana diet.


Beira Gare
Rua 1 Dezembro 5
Lisbon, Portugal

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